Many people dream of having a brand new, expensive looking kitchen, but if you are still saving for this then there are a few changes you can make before then. Find out below about some of these kitchen updates.

Update The Lighting

One of our first kitchen updates for those who would like to make their kitchen look more expensive is to update the lighting. Over time, fixtures can get old and become outdated and a simple switch of the light fixtures can really make a difference. You might also want to try out dimmable lighting which can really improve the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Upgrade Your Cabinets

Making your kitchen look more expensive is not too difficult as long as you are willing to upgrade your cabinets. Think about adding some glass panels to the cabinets and having the back of them painted. This can give a classy feel in your kitchen and this little kitchen update will make it appear a lot more expensive.

Go For A Luxurious Palette

Another simple trick that you should try out involves the colour palette that you currently have in your kitchen. Think about going for some more luxurious colours if you would like to make your kitchen appear more expensive. Some expensive looking colours include champagne, charcoal or cream instead of the usual whites and golds. Try this out on your walls, on your cabinets and even your flooring.

Add Some Open Shelving

If you’ve got a lot of fancy glasses or plates, then why not add some open shelving to show it off. This is one of those kitchen updates that will have an immediate effect on the aesthetic of your kitchen and it will definitely make it appear more expensive. Make sure that you are only showing off the best items in your open shelving or this won’t have the desired effect.

Change Up Your Backsplash

Our final tip to make your kitchen appear more expensive without the massive price tag is to change up your backsplash. By simply reinvigorating your backsplash, you can make it look amazing by adding some concrete or subway tile. Try this simple kitchen update to make your kitchen appear more expensive.

If you are considering trying out some simple kitchen updates in your kitchen then make sure to get in contact with us for a chat and a free quote.


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